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We offer a wide range of Laser Hair Removal, Electrolysis, Skin Tightening and Scar Removal Services. Click on any of the services listed below to view the details.

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Skin Tightening & Scar Reduction

Feel younger and look great with skin tightening treatments

Skin Tightening

The 3DEEP Radio Frequency (RF) Technology uses the latest generation of technology for skin tightening and body contouring.

Using this technology, we can treat and shape areas such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and firm other sagging areas.

Scar Reduction

The 3DEEP Fractional Skin Resurfacing (FSR) treatment is one of the most effective treatments available in the market today. The technology it uses allows us to specify the skin type and treatment area which ensures minimal pain and maximum safety for our clients.

The 3DEEP Fractional Skin Resurfacing (FSR) treatment is designed to treat:

This treatment has many benefits such as:

This treatment is so effective that clients have results as early as one week after a single treatment. It is recommended to have additional treatments to enhance the outcome.

Laser Hair Removal & Electrolysis

Enjoy hair free skin with laser removal

Imagine removing unwanted hair from the body! With the special treatment provided at Josie’s Laser Hair Removal, you can now enjoy unwanted body hair for longer periods of time.

Hair Removal can be done on any of the following areas:

We can treat almost any area of the body and any skin color. Generally, thick, coarse, dark hair responds best to laser energy. Although areas with fine hair can be treated, it may take more treatments.

At Josie’s Laser Hair Removal, we provide the finest treatment to ensure our clients are satisfied with the results. Below are some before and after pictures using the laser hair removal treatment.

Note: If an area you would like to have treated is not listed above, please call us to find out if we offer laser hair removal for that area